Our Story

Kurt and April

In 2007, I took a mission trip to the small country of Haiti. When I arrived I was immediately overwhelmed by the poverty and medical needs of the people. Ironically, their smiles and their love seemed to give them a richness that I was missing. This experience changed my life forever. I knew I had to do something to help. I knew that God had created me for a purpose and now I had found it.

After many more trips to Haiti (including the Haiti Earthquake in 2010), I found myself traveling to Zambia Africa on another medical mission trip. The needs were greater and the healthcare even more insufficient. It was there that I knew that my lifelong journey was to help the poor and needy.

In 2015, my family and I moved to a small desolate town in Mufulira Zambia Africa to start a ministry and build a mission hospital for the vulnerable people. Our ministry is called All God's Children Zambia and the hospital is known as the Murundu Mission Hospital of Hope.  While living in Zambia Africa, we could see the negative health impact of malnutrition and dirty water.  This serious need lead to the development of outreach programs and food distribution to the most vulnerable children and families in the surrounding areas.  We were able to raise money to drill boreholes (water wells) to provide clean water.

The healthcare needs in places such as Zambia and Haiti are great.  Many people around the world still suffer from preventable diseases such as HIV, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Malnutrition, and water-borne illnesses.  We have so many resources here in the United States and there are still many children and people having trouble accessing clean water and healthy foods.

That is why we are different.  That is why I started "Living Water Hydration and Health".  Our mission is to provide a way for the people in the Kansas City area to help impoverished and vulnerable people all over the world.  A way to provide basic food, clean water, and healthcare by receiving good hydration and nutrition.  Our solution is called Living Water Hydration and Health.  We invite you to come along on our journey and be a part of something bigger.

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gary and katherine
Hondudran Children
Rachel with little boy in 2013

In 2010, I, Kurt Stephenson, along with my wife, April, and five others, went to Honduras on a mission trip. Our goal was  to see where the Lord was leading us and to partner with a community to help make a difference.  We immediately fell passionately in love with Honduras and the people who live there.

Our translator, Kathy,  told us about a ministry that her church family had started. It was in an area that was so poor that the children went through the dump to get all of their meals except for two a week.  We were supposed to go site-seeing,  but we chose to go to see this village where the dump was located.  We traveled three hours to see the village of San Nicolas. We could definitely see the negative impact that the lack of food, clean water and medical treatment had on the children and their families in this area. The Lord then showed us that we were supposed to partner with Linaje Escogido Church to build relationships and make a difference in this area.

When we returned home, we immediately began planning and fundraising for a trip the following year.  We have been partnering with the Hearne family and Linaje Escogido Church ever since. Multiple times each year the Lord has allowed us to take or send teams to minister with medical treatment, food, and clean water solutions.

While we were in Africa with Gary Chaney and his family, we dreamed of how opening this business could help us better fund our ministries, now it has come true.

This is what sets “Living Water Hydration and Health” apart from all the others. We want to help you feel better by receiving nutrition and hydration while you help those all around the world receive healthcare treatment, clean water and better nutrition!   Join with us on this journey today!


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